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Glow-in-the-Dark Pet News

    Due to spam we killed the forum. Here are the messages that were posted along with some emails people have sent to glowingpets.

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    User Comments Page:

    December 3, 2003

    So, Um... Can I buy the fish anywhere?
    Washington, USA

    December 4, 2003

    The is a great idea! I can not wait for the glow monkeys! There is nothing wrong with genetically modifiying animals. I would love to glow in the dark!
    Meridian, Ms

    December 10, 2003

    What the F*** are you guys into??? this on of most stupid things iv ever heard. Imagine if you glowed in the dark, you would go insaine after 1 month of no sleep. Stop fooling around with things u dont understand!!
    Ra Thomson [New Zealand]

    December 10, 2003

    What happens when these fish are released into the wild? I agree with my Kiwi counterpart. You guys suck. The worm will turn.
    Phillip Cochrane [New Zealand]

    December 13, 2003

    WOW!!! The Electric Glow Fish (Oryzias latipes - Rice Fish) has to be my top pick! Hury and get them to Maui before they are banned in Hawaii. One more thing stop worrying about the fish its already done they're cool......
    Nolan Da Crozz

    December 16, 2003

    Now , i'm waiting for... Glowing Ladys

    December 28, 2003

    Glowing Animals is a very good concept. Whoever thought of it should get the noble prize. I would glow in the dark if I could!

    January 5, 2003

    Good to Glo

    Forget mad cows or high terror alerts. According to environmental groups and their old friend the state of California, what you should really be worried about is the integrity of your fish tank.

    The nation's pet stores will today start selling America's first genetically modified pet, known as GloFish. Scientists created these little fluorescent zebra fish (to which they've added a naturally occurring gene from sea coral) to help detect environmental pollutants. But a Texas company realized GloFish would also make for a cheery and colorful addition to U.S. aquariums and are taking them retail everywhere.

    Everywhere, that is, but California. Even Nemo wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Golden State is alone in banning all transgenic fish. And so far its Fish and Game Commission has refused to make an exception and give the go to glo. Meanwhile, groups like the Center for Food Safety, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace are demanding the federal government regulate the ornamental fish, claiming that failure to do so will open the "floodgates" to Frankenfish and "pose serious potential environmental risks."

    As it happens, the Food and Drug Administration has already declined to regulate GloFish, pointing out that since people don't eat tropical aquarium fish, they pose no threat to the food supply. It also noted that "there is no evidence that these [fish] pose any more threat to the environment than their unmodified counterparts . . ." We'd add it isn't likely the tropical wonders would survive long in the cold California toilets into which they might be flushed.

    Americans are becoming old hands at genetically modified products -- whether it be insulin, cotton, or seedless grapes. Our own advice to those lobbies worried that a couple of fluorescent pets will bring aquatic disaster? Just let it glow.

    January 12, 2003

    GloFish are the greatest thing to hit the pet market since nutritional foods. This is, from a biologist perspecitve, a great thing.

    January 12, 2003

    I would seriuosly buy anything that they can alter like the fish. I hate dogs, but I would buy one tomorrow if I could get a glowing green puppy.

    Whatever they make, will be a huge hit.

    January 12, 2003

    humans are strange. we live on a planet of the universe where kids of our own species starve of hunger but we do modify animals genetically to make them match with the interior design of our cheesy homes... without considering for a second what long term consequence could appear when introducing GM pets into the real world.

    But then again - let's fight for freedom - let's bomb Iraq - let's make sure all of our friends get a GloFish next Xmas...

    All the Best
    Ztef Switzerland

    January 28, 2003

    To the guy who talked about not sleeping for a month... fish dont have eyelids. they dont sleep... think b4 you type

    January 28, 2003

    OMFG you have to be the lamest asshole on the fucking earth. I hope you and your web site die a horible death.

    Thank you
    Lenoard Boobiwits [[email protected]]

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