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    Glowing Red Zebra Danio Fish
    Glowing Red Zebra Danio Fish
    The Red "GloFish" that is hitting markets in the United States is a hardy fish dervied from the ubiquituos Zebra Danio (Brachydanio rerio) which inhabits clear, fast-flowing streams; and rice patties in Eastern India and Bangladesh.

    You should provide your bioengineered fish with at least a 10 gallon tank to give them plenty of swimming room. Be sure to use a tight-fitting cover as these fish are known to jump.

    pH 6-8; temperature 64-81F (18-27C).

    A highly active schooling species which can be kept in almost any community tank with small to medium sized companions. Prefers to be kept in groups.

    Flake foods are fine.

    • Males are smaller and slimmer.
    • The Zebra Danio has come along way since it was introduced to the hobby in 1905. Today many selectively bred varieties are available including the GM version on this page.
    • Zebra Danios are easily bred fish, though rumor has it that the glowing version has been sterilized to sustain market prices.

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